News: Hayes bill to allow family members to honor fallen loved signed into law

On May 3, Gov. Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5161 into law. The legislation will extend the eligibility for Gold Star license plates to include spouses and children of service members killed in action and is the Senate version to Rep. Dave Hayes’ House Bill 1132.

Senate Bill 5161 will allow more people in Washington the option to honor the memory of their spouses or parents with the license plates of distinction.

“It was such an honor to stand next to the governor as he signed this piece of legislation. The family members of the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country deserve this small but powerful way to honor their loved ones,” said Hayes, R-Camano Island.

Also present at the bill signing was the 10th District resident who brought the issue to the attention of Hayes, Gail DeBolt Hall of Oak Harbor. Gail lost her husband during the Vietnam War while he was on a combat mission as a Naval Aviator.

“I’m so thankful I was able to work with Gail to make sure all family members can now carry this badge of honor for their loved ones. These license plates may not seem like big deal to everyone, but I know the family members who choose to purchase them do so because it means so very much to them to honor the memory of their loved one,” said Hayes.

The bill goes into effect on August 1, 2013.


Washington State House Republican Communications