Hayes’ bill to aid veteran employment gains House approval

Legislator: Rep. Dave Hayes
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Legislation is moving in Olympia that would make it easier for veterans transitioning from military service to civilian status to secure employment. John Sattgast reports from the state Capitol.

SATTGAST: When veterans come home after being honorably discharged from military service, they may qualify for certain state benefits. One of those benefits is a higher scoring preference on civil service exams for employment.

The law has not allowed returning veterans to immediately claim the preference points during the lag time when they are transitioning to civilian life. Republican State Representative Dave Hayes says House Bill 1369 would change that.

HAYES: “Under current law and local rule, those veterans who are in that transition period and on terminal leave from the military – that’s terminal leave that is building up or burning their accrued leave – during that time period, this bill would allow them to claim veterans’ preference points for those civil service jobs.”

SATTGAST: Camano Island Republican Representative Dave Hayes.

The 10th District lawmaker says the measure would increase opportunities for returning veterans to secure civil service jobs. The bill passed the House unanimously and moves on to the Senate for further consideration.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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