News: Hayes bill to allow family members to honor fallen loved ones passes House

Legislation to extend the eligibility of Gold Star License plates from parents of fallen soldiers to include spouses and children of military service members killed in action passed the state House of Representatives unanimously on March 13.House Floor Debate

House Bill 1132, sponsored by Rep. Dave Hayes, R-Camano Island, aims to allow more people in Washington the option to honor the memory of their spouses or parents with the plates of distinction.

“The Gold Star License plates are just one small way families can honor their loved ones killed in action. I was honored to work on this piece of legislation to allow more loved ones to display the distinction that their family member made the ultimate sacrifice for their country,” said Hayes.

A Navy veteran, Hayes has two sons currently serving in the Army and Army Reserves, and believes this bill is one small way families can acknowledge the service of their children, spouses or parents.

The original bill allowed only spouses to be eligible for the plates, but during floor debate Hayes added an amendment to allow children of military veterans to be able to obtain the Gold Star plates.

“The sad fact is that we have many parents of young families who have recently lost their lives serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,” said Hayes. “When these children grow up I want them to be able to honor the memory of their mother or father as well.”

House Bill 1132 was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, and will now move to the Senate for consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications